The Polish Association of Okuyama Ryu Aiki Jujutsu and Hakko Ryu Jujutsu was established in 1990 in Krakow on the initiative of Okuyama Shizan Sensei’s students. A cooperation agreement was signed between Okuyama Shizan Sensei and the Polish side, which was represented, among others, by Zenon Liszkiewicz (Technical Director) and Przemysław Sypka (Administrative Director).


This cooperation resulted in the creation of the  Polish Association of Denshokan Hakko Ryu (currently Polish Association Okuyama Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, operating in Krakow under the leadership of Zenon Liszkiewicz, who in 1990-1997 outside regular participation in training seminars in Hombu Dojo Okuyama Shizan, for two years held an internship uchi deshi student at home) with Okuyama Sensei, in 1997 he obtained 5 dan Okuyama Ryu ® Ju Jutsu and the title Shihan.


Since 1999, the Association, due to its membership in Okuyama Ryu, has become a member of Kokusai Okuden Aiki Ju Jutsu Renmei. This organization brings together various schools of ju jutsu, aiki jutsu, aiki ju jutsu (traditional and contemporary) all over the world. The president is Sensei Sato in Japan, while the representative for Europe is Sensei Sarfaty.


In the Okuyama Ryu ® Aiki Ju Jutsu teaching is conducted by the menkyo , which means that the teacher does not evaluate the student’s achievements, but through training and training seminars allows him to discover and progress in further grades. It is the student’s disposition and openness that depends on the student. If he is ready, he will know and understand what has been shown to him, if not – the secrets will remain secrets. This way of teaching requires a great deal of self-discipline and broad perception, without requiring the physical strength of the practitioner. At each level (dan) the work is focused on many details – from less significant to the most important, striving for the maximum release from the form of technology and, consequently, the ability to adapt to a given situation.