At the OkuyamaRyu School, practicing is based on 5 principles (they apply to both Yawara and Koho Shiatsu)

  • Continuous contact – in OkuyamaRyu our goal is not to break the contact that the attacker initiates because each subsequent attack from his side will be more precise and aggressive. We learn how to use the opponent’s strength in a way that turns against him.

    In Koho Shiatsu this principle is applied through mindfulness with which we squeeze the patient, actively adjusting the strength and direction of action to the unique body structure and the condition of the person who uses the procedure. Despite the fact that the Koho Shiatsu procedure itself is repetitive, each session has a very individual character.

  • Position comfort – in Yawara means finding a balance and a safe position during an attack, among other things, by realizing that the opponent is trying to control only part of our body, while the rest may remain safe and active in defense.

    In Koho Shiatsu, this rule defines a number of positions that the performer (Shiatsu Shi) should take to ensure their own health

  • Prohibit the use of force – aggression is even more aggressive. When the attacker attacks and we oppose him in a confrontational way – he will win stronger and not smarter. Sensei OkuyamaShizan often said that OkuyamaRyu is meant for people who are physically weak. But this rule is the biggest challenge for strong students. They must learn to solve a problem not in a violent manner (as usual) but through the use of a technique that is devoid of aggression.

    In Koho Shiatsu, this rule is also very important. The use of too strong pressure eliminates the entire therapeutic effect of the method. The strength of pressure should be selected individually for the patient and the scope of intervention.

  • Continuous movement – when we are attacked, stopping even for a short moment, allows the aggressor to hit stronger and more precisely; gives him time and space to prepare an even more effective attack. That’s why in OkuyamaRyu we care about constant movement towards the attacker and also changing the settings of individual parts of our body in relation to each other. This principle is closely related to continuous contact – the striker forces direction, and we, through the appropriate setting, do not confront ourselves physically, go to a comfortable position for us (which suddenly turns out to be uncomfortable for the attacker ..)

    In Koho Shiatsu this principle is represented by a specific rhythm of compressing the individual parts of the patient’s body

  • No fear of failure – you can write a separate book about this area. However, referring to the other principles, it can be said that the fear of failure or too much desire to “win” lead to breaking contact, enforcing uncomfortable positions, the necessary use of force, which is most often associated with the seemingly secure immobilization of the position.

    In shiatsu, however, it can lead to excessive action in order to achieve immediate visible effects, sometimes apparent, instead of real restoring the balance of the body’s actions, which may appear after a few days.

Work on all the above principles is possible while practicing OkuyamaRyu on the mat. We invite you in comfortable clothes for training: