The Okuyama Ryu Aiki Jujutsu program includes “kyu” (for beginners) and “dan” (for more advanced)


SHODAN (1 dan)

Is the level from which students start learning OkuyamaRyu. After its completion, they should approach the flexible stability necessary in martial arts, be able to maintain contact of the partner and use it to disturb his position.

During Shodan, the student works on the elasticity of the back and the freedom to move the shoulder and pelvis in the same direction. Learn to properly determine the distance and move in space without losing the balance. Techniques at this level are not painful and allow you to prepare your body for more advanced levels.


NIDAN (2 dan)

In Nidan, greater precision is required and there is a deep, severe pain, which may include not only the wrist but also the neighboring joints. The student better controls his work and partner’s positions. The form of execution is shorter – for both projections and other techniques.


SANDAN (3 dan)

Sandan is the first level to control an opponent with one hand thanks to the “gakkun” oppression. The Contractor presses with the help of the metacarpophalangeal bone the index finger on the designated points and channels (meridians):

– daichoke (large intestine)

– san choke (three sources – between daicho and shocho)

– shochoke (small intestine)

Sandan techniques aim to cut off internal and external energy, causing pain and weakness both psychological and physiological. Thanks to them, it is possible to control not only the partner’s body, but also his will to possibly renew or escalate the attack.


YONDAN (4 dan)

On the Yondan level, gakkuns are also used, but this time for other meridians:

– Shin ke (heart meridiana)

– Shin poke (meridiana of the neuro-vegetative system)

– Hai ke (lung meridiana)

Yondan techniques are more in-depth and therefore more dangerous than Sandan, because they affect the vital functions of the body. Working at this level requires experience and harmony between partners.


After the Yondan level, students have the opportunity to explore GODAN (5th dan) and if they are ready to join the SHIHAN GI. Techniques from these levels remain secret.