Obóz Wakacyjny – UWAGA!!!

Due to the large number of volunteers change the location of the camp. Proposed place is Eagle’s Nest in Szczyrk. Conditions in the center can not somehow sensational (a little worse food, the older rooms, classes at the conference room on the mat), but the hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and conditions for the wellness – whirlpool and sauna. The advantage is the proximity of the premises, cafes, restaurants and cool places to organize hiking, for example. Skrzyczne. You can also jump to the pass Salmopol and the Vistula.

The change would be falling, the deadline for departure on 1-9 August 2017.

Please as soon as possible to DETERMINE who will go despite the change of location and in the case of families – the number of children and Their age.

I’ve included some links to look at the area and the center:


The resort Eyrie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CAnp8kHL1E


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