Understanding the history of Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu requires a retreat to the eighth century AD. The first known Japanese defense system was developed by Prince Teijun Fujiwara and transferred to his son Tsunemoto , who was named Minamoto. His descendants – Seiji Genji kept secrets as a family art.
Famous Seiwa Genji was General Yoshimitsu Shinra Saburo Minamoto , who performed corpses on the corpse, acquired the knowledge he used to improve the art of atemi (hit points) and kansetsu (levers on ponds). He lived in Daito’s court, so that style of Aikijutsu became known as Daito Ryu.

Techniques were kept secret and known only to family members. Minamoto passed on his knowledge to the son of Yoshimitsu Yoshikiyu , who moved to a district called Takeda. His family stayed in the Takeda district from the sixteenth century to about 1868. From the place of residence the family has acquired a name and since then has been known as the Takeda family.

In 1858 was born Sokaku Takeda Minamoto Masayoshi . He became a man who introduced family traditions in the twentieth century. Approx. 1878 Sokaku received permission to teach from the four most recognized sword and spear schools and met 18 traditional Japanese martial arts.
In 1898, at age 40, Sokaku received the supreme command of family martial arts – Daito Ryu. He traveled to Japan to teach Daito Ryu the intellectual elite of Japan. He became the most famous instructor north of Tokyo.
Daito Ryu is still taught in Japan by Kondo Katsuyuki, the heir of Sokaku’s son, Takeda Tokimune .


History of the school OKYRIA RYU ®

Sensei Okuyama Yoshinaru (Ryuho) studied martial arts at Sokaku Takeda. He also studied traditional eastern medicine (Chinese Yin / Yang theory, acupuncture, acupressure, massage). As a curiosity it can be stated that he also studied “western” medicine. He also explored other styles such as ken jutsu, yo-yo, jutsu and sword fighting techniques and chain.

In 1936, Okuyama received the master degree of Daito Ryu and started learning the secrets of the Sokaku school. After an additional two years of study, he ended his studies with Daito Ryu.

Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu logoJuly 1, 1941 year in the Shiba Tenso Jinja (Shinto shrine) Okuyama held the Hakko Ryu Kaiso Hokokusai (gods of the Shinto ceremony announc- rise Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu). In 1945 Okuyama left Tokyo and moved to the Yamagata district. After the war, he settled in Omiya and founded the Hombu Dojo, which is still there today and is run by his son.

RiesserIn the 70’s Hakko School went to France and there was a rapid development. In 1979, the student of Okuyama Ryuho Thierry Riesser became the official and sole representative of Hakko Ryu Ju Jutsu in Europe. Three years later, Okuyama Ryuho received the family name of Okuyama Shizan , becoming the official member of the family.
In 1986, Thierry Riesser received the sixth Okuyama School.

Shodai Soke Okuyama Ryuho died in 1987. His heir (according to tradition) was son Toshio Okuyama.

Okuyama Ryu Logo Aiki Ju JutsuSince then, there have been many changes.
In 1992, Okuyama Shizan (Thierry Riesser), in order to continue the Okuyama Ryuho teaching line, disconnected from the Hombu Dojo in Japan, forming his own right to use the Okuyama Ryu School.


Hombu Okuyama Ryu ® Aiki JuJutsu
3 rue Bargue
75015 Paris / France


History of the Polish Okuyama Ryu Association Aiki Jujutsu and Hakko Ryu Jujutsu

Polish Association Okuyama Ryu Aiki Jujutsu and Hakko Ryu Jujutsu was founded in 1990 in Cracow on the initiative of the students Shizan Sensei Okuyama. An agreement was signed on cooperation between Shizan Sensei Okuyama, and the Polish side, which is represented by, among others Zenon Liszkiewicz (Technical Director) and Przemysław Sypka (Administrative Director).

Logo of Denshokan PolskaThis cooperation resulted in the creation of the Polish Association Denshokan Hakko Ryu (now the Polish Association Okuyama Ryu Aiki Jujutsu and Hakko Ryu Jujutsu ), acting under the direction of Krakow Zenona Liszkiewicza, who in 1990-1997 outside the regular participation in training seminars in Hombu Okuyama Shizan by For two years he held an apprenticeship of deshi (home student) at Okuyama Sensei. In 1997, he obtained 5th dan Okuyama Ryu ® Ju Jutsu and the title of Shihan .

Since 1999, our Association has become a member of Kokusai Okuden Aiki Ju Jutsu Renmei by virtue of belonging to Okuyama Ryu . This organization brings together various schools of jutsu, aiki jutsu, aiki ju jutsu (traditional and contemporary) throughout the world. The president is Sensei Sato in Japan, while the representative in Europe is the Sensei Saraphati . Since joining the IKAR outside Sensei Okuyama Okuyama Shizan School it is also represented by Sensei Lopez , who is the Secretary of the Organization in France and a member of the Committee on Degrees in Europe.

Show on the Krakow marketAt Okuyama Ryu ® Aiki Ju Jutsu school, the teaching is conducted by the menkyo system, meaning that the teacher does not assess the student’s achievements, but through training and training seminars, he is able to discover and understand the next level of advancement. The base is Hakkoryu techniques and techniques developed by the Okuyama Sensei, which are the result of almost 50 years of martial arts experience. It’s up to the student to follow his instructions and openly. If he is ready, he will know and understand what has been shown to him, if not – the secrets will remain secret. This method of teaching requires a very large self-discipline and broad perception, without requiring the physical strength of the practitioner. At each level ( dan) Work is focused on many details – from unimportant the most important, seeking the maximum release from the mold technique and, consequently, its ability to adapt to a given situation.

Hakkoryu / Okuyama Ryu championships have:

Kaiden Shihan Zenon Liszkiewicz
San Dai Kichu 6 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Kaiden Shihan Wojciech Burkot
San Dai Kichu 5 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Kaiden Shihan Ryszard Hodiak
San Dai Kichu 5 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Kaiden Shihan Marek Pardyak
San Dai Kichu 5 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Shihan Piotr Jaskólski
5 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Shihan Marcin Kalinowski
5 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Shihan Slawomir Wąsek
5 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Klaudia Skocz-Nowakowska
4 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Jadwiga Burkot
2 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Tomasz Horodecki
2 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Wojciech Kogut
2 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Michał Zborowski
2 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Mariusz Żądlo
2 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Sylwia Liszkiewicz
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Marcin Nowak
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Piotr Brandys
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
Michał Jakóbczyk
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
  Paul Rospond
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
 Magdalena Dobosz
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
 Svitlana Zakharchuk
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
 Waldemar Starzec
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
 Tomasz Lenik
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
 Witold Osada
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
 Mihai Pora
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
 Tomasz Smoleń
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu
 Maciej Kosieniak
1 dan Okuyama Ryu Ju Jutsu

Former school members (with master degrees), currently not licensed:

  • Piotr Luberda [3 dan]
  • Dominik Nowakowski [2 dan]
  • Marcin Stopa [2 dan]
  • Jerzy Filipczuk [1 dan]
  • Anna Jagodzińska [1 dan]
  • Dariusz Stopinski [1 dan]
  • Jarosław Golda [1 dan]
  • Szymon Bogusz [1 dan]
  • Agnieszka Malczewska [1 dan]
  • Tomasz Czyż [1 dan]
  • Przemysław Sypka [1 dan]
  • Jerzy Kowynia [1 dan]
  • Szymon Brandys [1 dan]

    Composition of the Board of the Okuyama Ryu Association of Japan Aiki Jujutsu and Hakko Ryu Jujutsu:

  • Zenon Liszkiewicz – President
  • Jerzy Kowynia – v-ce President
  • Marek Pardyak – v-ce President
  • Klaudia Skocz-Nowakowska – Secretary General

    Within the framework of the existing section of Aiki Ju Jutsu in the Old Town Center of Youth Culture in Cracow, ul. Wietora 15 offers classes for children aged 8-12 and adolescents and adults.


The Okuyama Ryu Association of Japan Aiki Jujutsu and Hakko Ryu Jujutsu
31-223 Kraków, ul. Pachońskiego 32B / 45
tel. 508 101 696,